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Proceedings of the 24th Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference

October 26th and 27th, 2012

2013. VIII, 258 Seiten.
978-3-944312-08-8. Kartoniert
EUR 32,00

Chiara Bozzone: Initial “Yod” in Greek and the Etymology of Gk. ?pp?? ‘horse’ Petra Goedegebuure: Hittite Noun Phrases in Focus Hans Henrich Hock: Come and Get It: The Indo-European Background of the Vedic éta … stávama Construction Cynthia A. Johnson: Multiple Antecedent Agreement: A Comparative Study of Greek and Latin Joshua T. Katz: The Hymnic Long Alpha: ???sa? ?e?d? and Related Incipits in Archaic Greek Poetry Daniel Kölligan: PIE *seh1- ‘let loose, unharness’, *seh1?- ‘arrive’ and Greek ??a, ???, Armenian hasanem John J. Lowe: Indo-European “Transitive” Nouns and the Accusative of Experiencer H. Craig Melchert: Ablaut Patterns in the Hittite ?i-Conjugation Sarah Morris: From Kizzuwatna to Troy? Pudu?epa, Piyamaradu, and Anatolian Ritual in Homer Norbert Oettinger: Before Noah: Possible Relics of the Flood-Myth in Proto-Indo-Iranian and Earlier Alexander Piperski: Vowel Lengthening in Slavic Nominal Prefixes Thomas Steer: Some Remarks on the Derivation of Amphikinetic Collectives Yasuko Suzuki: Clitic Verbs in Early Germanic: Evidence from Old English Beowulf vi Contents Elizabeth Tucker: Old Persian asabara- ‘horse-borne’, RV k?irapaká- ‘cooked in milk’, and the Restructuring of Vowel Quantities in Indo-Iranian Thematic Verbal Nouns Calvert Watkins: Aspects of the “Expressive Dimension” in Indo-European: Toward a Comparative Grammar of Speech Registers