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Verlorene antike Latinität und mittelalterliche Reromanisierung auf der iberischen Halbinsel und in Rumänien

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In this article, continuity and discontinuity in the development of Iberoromance languages and of Rumanian are focussed. Only in the north of the Iberian peninsula the local vulgar Latin has survived, because south of the Cantabrian mountain range the local Latin has been supplanted after 711 by Arab dialects and by uncivilised Latin varieties exstinct in the course of history; the actual Spanish, Portuguese, and Catalan dialects of this territory have been imported from northern regions in the course of Reconquista. Dacia was a heavily latinisted Roman territory from 106 up to 271, but in this year all Romance military and civil structures were ordered to leave the region. The vulgar Latin of the regions south of the Danube were imported to the northern regions at the beginning of the Middle Eves in the dark ages of the migration of peoples. There is no continuity between the vulgar Latin in Dacia; the Latin stock of Rumanian is typical of Thracian Latinity used south of the Danube imported to the north in the first time of the Middle Eves. Neither Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan nor Rumanian continue the vulgar Latin of the respective zones, but they are imported from other zones.