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Studien zur altägyptischen Kultur Bd. 45 (2016)

Herausgegeben von Jochem Kahl und Nicole Kloth
Studien zur altägyptischen Kultur (SAK) 45. 2016. VI, 390 Seiten und 72 Tafeln.
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Im Buch blättern
- A. Abdel-Raziq: An unpublished small sculpture of a female acrobat at the Al-Salam School Museum in Assiut
- N. Abdelwahed, J. M. Iskander, T. Tawfik: The Blocks from the Nilometer at Roda. Preliminary Report on the Reconstruction Work
- B. Ahmed: The Stela of Hori-Sheri at the Egyptian Museum (Cairo JE 59858)
- H. Beinlich: Das Relief Hildesheim F 38
- M. Wilding Brown: A New Analysis of the Titles of Teti on Statue BM EA 888
- K. Cortebeeck: Stamp seals in ancient Egyptian tombs. A revision of the usages in quest of the sex of their owners
- K. Hassan: Two Administrative Hieratic ostraca from Deir el-Bahri (Late 20th and Early 21st Dynasties)
- B. Hufft: Motivtransfer und Rezeption? Ein Beitrag zu den ägyptischen reliefierten Lotuskelchen der 3. Zwischenzeit
- K. Jansen-Winkeln: H#wtj »Anführer« als allgemeine Bezeichnung und als Titel
- E. Lanciers: The Cult of Arensnuphis in Thebes in the Graeco-Roman Period
- H. Madkour: An Eleventh Dynasty Stela of the Priest Ka-whmi
- D. Metawi: A Late-Eighteenth Dynasty Memphite Stela (Cairo Museum JE 20222)
- A. J. Morales: A false-door spell in the Pyramid Texts? An interpretation for the discontinuation of PT355
- A. J. Morales, S. Falk, M. Osman, R. Sánchez: Casado, H. Shared, K. Yamamoto, E. H. Zidan: The Middle Kingdom Theban Project Preliminary report on the Freie Universität Mission to Deir el-Bahari, First and Second Seasons (2015–2016)
- J. F. Quack: Zur Situierung von TB 166 Pleyte
- M. G. Rashed, A. A. Abdelrahman: The Statue of Ankhef-Khonsou from Karnak Cachette (CK 1164)
- J. C. Sánchez-León, A. Jiménez-Serrano: Keeping Provincial Power in the Lineage During the Twelfth Dynasty: The Case of Khema, Governor of Elephantine
- J. M. Serrano: Threesolar hymns from Dra Abu el-Naga. S. Soleiman An Inscribed Slab of Unknown Ownership discovered recently at Saqqara
- N. Staring: RevisitingThree Objects in Berlin Pertaining to the Mayor of Memphis, Ptahmose The »Lost« Faience Stela ÄM 19718 and the Limestone Pyramid Panels ÄM 1631-1632
- S. Töpfer: Teile des Totenbuches des Anch-ef-en-Chonsu, Sohn des Bes-en-Mut in der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek (Papyrus Wien Aeg. 12022a+b)

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