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Studies in the Phonology and Morphology of Modern Icelandic

A selection of essays

Herausgegeben von Magnús Pétursson
1985. Unveränderter Print-on-Demand-Nachdruck der Auflage von 1985. 228 Seiten
978-3-87118-683-7. Kartoniert
EUR 32,00

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This selection of twelve essays on modern Icelandic by Professor Janez Orešnik is published with the aim of making his pioneer work known to wider circles of linguists than those working only with modern Icelandic. With an unusually fine touch Professor Orešnik has opened a new page in the study of modern Icelandic by investigating some of the phonetic/phonological processes which are alive in daily speech. The selection includes his excellent articles on i- and u-umlaut, on the Epenthesis Rule, and on the devoicing rules.