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History of Hungarian Toponyms

2017. 310 Seiten
978-3-87548-844-9. gebunden
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This is the first book of its kind that provides a comprehensive overview of the system and history of Hungarian toponyms in English.
Hungarian language forms a linguistic island (as a language of Uralic origin) in the Carpathian Basin, being surrounded by Indo-European languages. It exhibits several features that stand out from the surrounding environment. Of course, this is also perceptible in the linguistic nature of the toponymic system, one of the crucial sub-systems of the language. The latter has also been shaped by the unique features of Hungarian history and culture, thus also strongly affecting the genesis and changes of toponyms. Still, we need to highlight the diversity of interactions and contacts with other languages and cultures that has been one of the characteristic features of Hungarian language history and which has also influenced toponyms.
The authors publish this volume in the hope that it will provide fascinating insights into the colorful world of Hungarian toponyms even for those who are not directly involved in onomastics. They also hope that this book would attract the attention of scholars to Hungarian toponyms and they can make good use of the information included in this work both in terms of studying toponyms in their own language and in formulating more general onomastic conclusions.