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Linguistische Berichte (LB) 261. 2020. 128 Seiten.
2366-0775. eJournal (PDF)
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Andreas Trotzke: Pädagogische Linguistik – jetzt!

This article provides an overview of recent work in linguistics that has its origin and motivation in formal linguistics and theoretical acquisition research and, on this basis indicates potential connections and contributions to language pedagogy. The article suggests the term Pedagogical Linguistics to not only refer to work that tries to translate linguistic findings for a pedagogic audience, but to also convey the idea that linguistics itself is fundamentally pedagogical.

Magdalena Szulc-Brzozowska: Glaube an Klimawandel: Metaphern im deutschen Diskurs über den Umweltschutz. Semantische Analyse des metaphorischen Frames

The aim of the present paper is a presentation of the semantic description of the chosen metaphors in German public discourse in environmental issues and energy policy. The theoretical background of the semantic description is marked by the blending theory (developed by G. Fauconnier, M. Turner) and by the model of the frame semantics (A. Ziem). The semantic aspect of the analysis is focused on the exploring of an evaluative component, in the semantic structure of the metaphorical expression, which profiles the metaphorical frame, positively or negatively. The question of the location of the evaluative component in the semantic structure of the metaphor is a criterion for a differentiation of tree types of metaphors. The final results of the semantic description will be a portraying of the emergent meaning as a phenomenon of the conceptual integration, of a dynamic process depending not only on the given discourse, but also on other discourses. The emergent meaning and the semantic potential of the metaphors then build a basis for the pragmatic interpretation of their communicative functions in the particular discourse.

Fabio Mollica: Die Phrasem-Konstruktion [XNPnom seinKopula mirExp (Modalpartikel) Detein(e) YNP]Exkl und ihre Relationen innerhalb der Ethicus-Konstruktion und der Dativ-Familie

This paper discusses the “phraseme-construction” (Dobrovol’skij 2011) [XNPnom seinKopula mirExp (modal particle) Detein(e) YNP]Exkl (e.g. Du bist mir einer, Du bist mir ja ein Schlingel), in which a so-called “dativus ethicus” is used. The aims of the contribution are (i) to describe the form and meaning of the phraseme construction with a corpus search, thereby focusing on the nonlexical position (Detein(e) YNP) and on the various expressions of illocutive function; (ii) define the links between the phraseme-construction [XNPnom seinKopula mirExp (modal particle) Detein(e) YNP]Exkl and the other dative constructions (compare De Knop & Mollica 2016, 2017). Some principles of Construction Grammar, i.e. the postulate of a grammar-lexicon-continuum, the claim of a holistic description, the inheritance links between constructions, together with Wittgenstein’s concept of family resemblance prove to be useful for the study.

Kristian Berg, Ursula Bredel, Nanna Fuhrhop & Niklas Schreiber: Was determiniert das Vorfeldkomma? Untersuchungen zur Verteilung einer nicht-standardisierten Kommatierung

There is a peculiar comma in German texts, the prefield comma (Vorfeldkomma). It appears before the finite verb form (German is a verb-second-language). If the prefield is not a sentence and if it is not sentence-like by itself, the orthographic norm does not license a comma. However, it is found frequently in non-standardized texts. In this paper, we investigate nearly 1,000 prefield commas from a non-standardized corpus. These comma prefields are compared with prefields without commas, and the conditions are formulated under which commas become probable. The probability for a prefield comma is high if the prefield is a prepositional phrase, if it functions as an adverbial modifier, if it is long (five or more words) and if it is semantically textconnective. A prototypical example might be Neben Diskussionen über die aktuelle politische Situation, finden Erhaltungsarbeiten auf dem Gelände der KZ-Gedenkstätte statt (‚Apart from discussions about the current political situation, maintenance works are taking place on the site of the KZ memorial place‘).

Joschka Briese: Rezension

Konstanze Marx & Simon Meier (Hgg.) (2018): Sprachliches Handeln und Kognition. Theoretische Grundlagen und empirische Analysen. Berlin: De Gruyter.