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Der ‚modalisierende‘ Gebrauch von Anführungszeichen in Abiturklausuren

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DOI: 10.46771/9783967692853_1
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Quotation marks are substantially used for direct speech and citations. For the ‘modalizing’ use, the Official Rules state that a “different understanding than usual” is indicated; they give very little information on the use of quotation marks beyond literal reference. It therefore seems all the more interesting to investigate the usage of modalizing quotation marks. In the present analysis, we studied the school-leaving examinations of an entire year. School-leaving examinations are texts by persons whose institutional acquisition of written language can be regarded as complete; they are texts written by skilled writers. The investigation takes into account both formal and functional observations. We recognized differences between school subjects that can be interpreted with regard to the concept of educational language. The writers described here showed a high sensitivity (conscious or unconscious) to the use of quotation marks, which we call the “struggle for educational language”. This may be related to the corpus investigated here. However, our study constitutes a solid basis for further corpus studies on quotation marks.

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Linguistische Berichte Heft 276
Steinbach, Markus | Meister, Nina-Kristin | Grewendorf , Günther | von Stechow, Arnim (Hg.)

Linguistische Berichte Heft 276