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Studien zur Altägyptischen Kultur Band 48 (2019)

Herausgegeben von Jochem Kahl und Nicole Kloth
Studien zur Altägyptischen Kultur (SAK) 48. 2019. VI, 318 Seiten und 52 vierfarbige Tafeln
978-3-87548-963-7. gebunden
EUR 49,00
früher 178,00 EUR

Im Buch blättern
- Mohy-Eldin Abo-Eleaz: Face to face: Meetings between the kings of Egypt, Ḫatti and their vassals in the Levant during the Late Bronze Age
- Victoria Almansa-Villatoro: Renaming the Queens. A New Reading for the Crossed Arrows Sign and a Religious Approach to the Early Dynastic Onomastics
- Electra Apostola: The multiple connotations of Pataikos amulets in the Aegean
- Mahmoud Ebeid: The lost fragment of the Book of the Dead of the priest of Montu in Thebes Khamhor C – P. Cairo J.E. 95703 (S.R. IV 633)
- Rabee Eissa / Ahmed Kh. Safina: The Inscriptions of the Newly Discovered Temple of Ptolemy II at Gebel el-Nour
- Ann-Katrin Gill: The funerary papyri of the brothers Djedher and Pakherkhonsu in the Museo Egizio and the British Museum with some observations on scribal practices
- Martin Hartlapp: Über die Entdeckung und Erforschung Tell el-Amarnas im 18. Jahrhundert bis zum Vorabend des 1. Weltkrieges
- Ilaria Incordino: Analysis of a painted female head among the pottery decoration from the monastery of Abba Nefer at Manqabad (Asyut)
- Pierre Koemoth: Osiris-Canope: du dieu agraire au patron des ports en Égypte romaine
- Rolf Krauss: Die Kanäle in der Cheops-Pyramide: Luftschächte, Modellkorridore oder Leitwege zu den Sternen?
- Elena Mahlich: Die herpetologische Identifizierung des Uräus
- Mohamed Nassar: The Funerary Papyrus of Nxt-DHwty (P. Cairo JE.26231)
- Richard Bruce Parkinson: Imaginary Histories: Ancient Egypt in the writings of Marguerite Yourcenar and Philippe Derchain
- Marie Peterková Hlouchová: Protection of the sunrise Shu, Tefnut and Re in the Pyramid Texts
- Saleh Soleiman: The Inscribed Lintel of Herti/Senti Discovered Recently at Saqqara
- Daniel Viktor Takacs: The Pakhet of Speos Artemidos and Wadi Batn el-Baqara

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