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Proceedings of the 33rd Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference

Los Angeles, November 12th and 13th, 2022

UCLA Proceedings 33. 2024. VIII, 236 Seiten
978-3-96769-409-3. Kartoniert
EUR 48,00

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The Program in Indo-European Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles, sponsors an Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference. The Conference, held on campus every fall, welcomes participation by linguists, philologists, and others engaged in all aspects of Indo-European studies.

- David W. Anthony: Ten Constraints that Limit the Late PIE Homeland to the Steppes
- Dita Frantíkovková: Hittite Common-Gender āi-stems Revisited
- Sander van Hes: The Ancient Greek Local Suffixes -θεν, -θε(ν), -θι, and -σε: Function and Origin
- Valérie Jeffcott and Logan Neeson: The Proto-Indo-European Negative Polarity Item *kʷené
- Jesse Lundquist: The Source of Strength: ἀλκί, ἀλκι-, ἀναλκιδ-, and Related
- Reuben Pitts: Long-Vowel Perfects and the Aorist-Perfect Merger in Italic
- Alex Roy: Redundance and Recategorization in Indo-Iranian *námas- and Allies
- Paolo Sabattini: Syllabification-Driven Changes in Mycenaean: The Case of Liquid Vocalization
- Ryan Sandell: Towards a Prosodic History of Indic: A Parametric Analysis of the “Classical Sanskrit Stress Rule”
- Pat Snidvongs: Rig Vedic √sac as a Semantic Transitivizer
- Anthony D. Yates: The Unexceptional Stress of the “Endingless Locative” in Indo-European