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Literatur aus „Halb-Asien“

Karl Emil Franzos und die erste rumänische Literaturgeschichte in deutscher Sprache (1878)

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Karl-Emil Franzos (1848–1904), a Sephardic Jew who grew up in the German school of Galician Czernowitz, made his entrance into the field of literature with a German elegy in honour of his Rumanian teacher Aron Pumnul. After his maturity, Franzos studied jurisprudence in Vienna and Graz, but he made his reputation as a famous author of books on the cultural history of south-east European countries like Galicia, Bucovina, southern Russia and Rumania. He created the name Half-Asia for this region. He wrote an account on the life of Rumanian women, and he is the author of the first history of Rumanian literature in German (1878).